“In the end we only regret the CHANCES we didn’t take”

Ever wanted to take your career in a different direction? Every felt that you wanted more? Ever felt like you had more to offer, and you weren’t getting the opportunity to do it where you currently are?

I took the CHANCE and it pushed me out of my comfort zone like I wouldn’t believe, it took me on a journey of discovery when I reflect on things now, has taught me strengths & resilience which I didn’t know I had within me, it broke me a few times, more times than I’d like to admit to myself. If it didn’t break me, I wouldn’t have learned what I know today.

Everyone will have their own personal reasons for wanting to take that CHANCE.

Whether it be, a greater sense of contribution to the business world, knowing you have more to offer an organisation & brand, your passion is driving you in an alternative direction to what you’re currently working on. The reasons are unlimited, and will be very personal for each individual.

What I can tell you from my experience is don’t let anything or anyone get in the way of why your wanting to make this change or take the CHANCE, there will be people who will support you and people who will discourage you as they have never stepped out of their comfort zones, who are happy to plod along in life. It can and potentially will be a hard road it will test you in ways you never thought you could be tested.

Believe in yourself and what you have to offer, don’t give up, go after what you want! The road may be rocky, and could lead you to a few forks where you’ll need to decide which direction to take. Just know that from every opportunity and CHANCE you take in life and careers, you will learn something new and take something away.

My road didn’t take me to where I thought it was going to go, it took me to a greater experience and discovery than I ever could have anticipated! In the end we only regret the CHANCES we didn’t take”



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